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Marketing Package

Social Media Marketing

Work directly with us at all stages of the process

Tailored to you and your end customer/client

Get statistics and see the growth in real time

Marketing Package Price List


£500 per Month
  • Funnels set up for each Treatment.
  • Advanced Facebook Marketing; 3-5 posts per week.
  • Gain exposure and build your brand online.


£750 Per Month
  • Includes everything from Starter Package.
  • Instagram, Twitter and Google+ Marketing.
  • SEO and Copy-written optimised Posts.


£1000 Per Month
  • Includes everything from Starter & Essential Packages.
  • Facebook Marketing; ReTargeting Campaigns.

Breakdown of Methods


At the core of every package, are “Sales Funnels”. Basically, we take traffic from Social Media, our website and our digital presence, and we get them to view a link.

The link takes them to a page that is specifically designed to turn viewers into customers, by educating and triggering their curiosity. There is a platform that we use that is designed for this specific purpose; to generate leads and sales.

You will have the opportunity of taking advantage of the funnels we’ve already spent time optimising. Meaning you will have to do little to no work to generate leads for your treatments.


Advanced Facebook Marketing, SEO & Copy-Written Posts

There is a phrase used in Marketing called “organic sale”. This phrase simply means that no advertising spend had to be made to directly create a sale. As a starting point, this is the main objective we like to go for.

How incredible would it be to minimise the Advertising Spend, but still be generating thousands in Treatment sales?

This is our first objective, the cart comes before the horse. There’s no point boosting a post to hundreds and thousands of people if it’s not optimised properly. If the words and images used aren’t maximal, then we’re wasting a big opportunity.

So the purpose of Advanced Facebook Marketing, SEO & Copy-Written posts, is that from the offset; the posts are designed to go viral, trigger curiosity and generate leads. When we put money behind those posts they become even more effective at conveying our messages.

We take things a step further by introducing marketing psychology into our wording, and even optimise the key words we use so that we get a boost when people search for these terms.

social-facebook copy

This post reached 20,000+ people and receieved 500+ reactions.

The Key statistic to see here is the Organic reach. This light orange bar shows exactly how many people saw this without us having to spend money to reach them. The dark orange shows the paid reach. This is a good example of a post that is well-optimised.

Facebook ReTargeting Campaigns

If we take into consideration a customer’s journey...

They’re scrolling through Facebook and Social Media, they see our enticing Ad. They click it, they look at our page and are interested...but something happens, someone calls them or they need to get back to work and end forgetting about what they’ve just seen.

A percentage of the people we show our ads to will fall into this category. We’ve reserved this marketing strategy for our top tier package, as it’s designed to “scrape the barrel”... to capture as many people as possible, through repeat viewings of our Ads.

The way we get them to become leads is by reminding them and showing them ads on a more consistent basis. Here’s 2 Scenario might look:

Scenario 1


After the prospect has clicked on the link and visited the page, they are interrupted and do not put in their details.

Scenario 2


After the interruption, they are shown more Facebook Adverts for 3 days, with different images and Copy. Usually, a portion of people who click an Ad don’t convert immediately, which is why ReTargeting is an effective, advanced strategy we can use to bring in more leads to your business.

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